Noce: Condo board members aren’t exempt from the rules

Q: When an owner, who is also a condo board member, fails to comply with the bylaws or the Condominium Property Act, fines are imposed.
Who is required to pay those fines if it is found that the board member did not act in good faith — the condominium corporation or the board member?

Q: Last winter, a pipe in my townhouse condominium froze, but there was no damage to my unit. The former maintenance person told me that he repaired two other units, as the cold air is entering from outside and freezing the pipe. These incidents were not reported, and the condominium corporation says I must hire a plumber to insulate the pipe as the issue originates in my unit only. I can insulate the pipe underneath the sink, but is it my responsibility to find where the pipe runs, rip up the floors, and insulate the entire pipe? What happens if it still freezes?

Q: Our condo building has carpeting throughout, except for tile in the lobby. Our reserve fund study mentions flooring as a category, but there is no money allotted for it. I assume we can use reserve fund money to replace the severely damaged tile. Is this correct?
Read the answers of questions above, and more “Q & A”‘s HERE.


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