Calgary single-family home lot count at lowest level in years

The number of serviced, single-family lots ready for home construction has dwindled to its lowest level in at least 17 years.

A survey by the Borger Group of Companies, done late last fall, found that only 4,423 lots were available compared with 5,888 for 2014, 6,698 for 2013 and 7,575 for 2012. For 2003, the company counted 9,247 lots.

Bill Borger, president of the earth-moving company with more than 350 employees, said it has been conducting the lot count now for more than 50 years. The Borger team counts every vacant, serviced lot in the city that has a sewer and water connection.

“It is 20 per cent lower than anything we have on record which we don’t have records pre-1997 now,” he said. “But it’s lower than anything we have on record. This is the lowest amount in at least 17 years – probably more.

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