Martin Charlwood named CEO of Century 21 Canada, Centum

Martin Charlwood

Martin Charlwood

Martin H. Charlwood is the new CEO of the Charlwood Pacific Group’s real estate division, which includes Century 21 Canada, Century 21 Asia-Pacific, Centum Financial Group and Real Canadian Property Management.

Don Lawby is retiring from his long-time role as president and chief operating officer.

Brian Rushton, current senior vice-president of operations, has been promoted to executive vice-president of Century 21 Canada.

“We’re very thankful to Don for his significant contribution to the success of our enterprise over the last 30 plus years,” said U. Gary Charlwood, executive chairman of the group.

The Vancouver-based Charlwood Pacific Group was founded by U. Gary Charlwood in 1974. The group also owns Uniglobe Travel International, the world’s largest single-brand travel franchise company, which operates in over 60 countries.

Martin Charlwood, Gary’s son, is a president, director and partner in the group. He has served as president and COO of Uniglobe and vice-chair of Century 21 Canada.

Though his involvement with Uniglobe, Martin has spent the last 20 years travelling more than 200 days a year and he has visited more than 120 countries. During his tenure, Uniglobe expanded its reach into Germany, Italy, the Middle East, Southern Africa, India, China, South America and Australia.

He has also cultivated a healthy appreciation for all things related to wine, says a company website. He is a partner in Trim Wines, which makes a Cabernet Sauvignon from vineyards in California.




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