3 Ways to Get Better Exposure in Real Estate in 2014

Real estate is one of the most dynamic and competitive markets out there. Sometimes it seems to require agents to work some magic in order to achieve results. Who didn’t have to take the rabbit out of the hat every now and then in 2013?

Reliable real estate marketing solutions, on the other hand, can make agents’ jobs easier and less stressful. And since it’s the beginning of the year — a time to take action and start moving things in the right direction — there are probably many real estate professionals out there wondering where to start and what tools to use.

Our advice: start by getting your listings and services out of the shadows and into the spotlight! Here are 3 ways to boost your exposure in 2014:

1.       Post your listings where potential buyers are searching

Pick a real estate website that has excels at driving traffic to agents’ listingsand submit your listings to it. Point2 Homes, one of the top 3 real estate websites in Canada, receives over 1 million visits and facilitates more than 60,000 connections between agents and prospects, every month. In addition, it is the only consumer-oriented website in Canada offering REALTORS® priority placement for their listings and profile information.

Point2 Homes operates under Point2, a leading provider of real estate marketing services that also powers part of CREA’s national Data Distribution service (DDF® Module 3). This means that all CREA members can have their listings automatically added on Point2 Homes, at no cost. But the service is not limited to CREA members. Any agent or broker in Canada can have their listings sent automatically to Point2 Homes and other consumer real estate sites within hours, through Point2’s listing syndication platform.

2.       Go mobile!

mobile-friendly real estate website that’s easy to use and optimized for search engines can be a great lead-generating marketing channel. One of last year’s NAR reports shows that 89% of new home shoppers are using some type of mobile technology while searching for homes. If you’re the type of person who enjoys variety, choose a provider that offers a couple of attractive themes that are also responsive, meaning they can adjust to different screen sizes.

3.       Use the power of social media

The rule of thumb in real estate is that your listings should be promoted as extensively as possible. After you have posted your listings on your website and on selected aggregators, try reaching more buyers or sellers by sharing them on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or LinkedIn. However, there’s a pre-requisite to this: to get results, it’s important to start marketing on platforms where you’re already part of a community that knows and trusts you.


Source: remonline.com


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