Alberta woman willing to trade $1-million property for Bitcoins — the volatile new digital currency


A $1-million acreage on the outskirts of Red Deer, Alta., has become the largest property in Canada yet to be offered up for Bitcoins, the digital currency unregulated by any country or central bank.

“Basically, Bitcoin is either going to go to zero or it’s going to go to a million dollars,” said Red Deer-based real estate agent Bryce Kander, whose mother, Penny Kander, owns the property. “With the way things are going … it seems to be growing, I have faith in it,” he said.


Located at 37546 Gasoline Alley on the outskirts of Red Deer, the 1.3 hectare property includes a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home complete with greenhouse, a secret room accessible via a walk-through closet and a private forest.

“Owner will take Bitcoin on trade!” reads the property’s Tuesday listing.

Ms. Kander is a well-known figure in central Alberta real estate circles and the owner of 11 other properties in the region.

It’s not your typical buyer that we’re afterAccording to Mr. Kander, his mother has never shied away from interesting trades (“she would take chickens on trade,” he said), and became intrigued by Bitcoin through her sons.

With Bitcoin demand surging in China, the offer is aimed at Chinese real estate speculators on the lookout for Alberta development properties.

“Since it is development land, it’s not your typical buyer that we’re after,” said Mr. Kander.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the value of a single Bitcoin was averaging about $1,257, according to the Bitcoin exchange



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